Colorful Quiet

"A"Fire Rated and LEEDv4 Certified.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Tockky Felt (PET) Panels are hi-efficient
sound-absorbing solutions
for school, home, and office
Tockky bring 27 colors in 7
thicknesses panels, from
9mm (3/8'') for most common
High NRC 0.7 rated 24mm
(1’’) panel.
Up to industry-leading 72mm
(3'') thickness where the
sound absorption meets no


TOCKKY”  Felt (PET) Panel's had additional options during fabrication. 

The first option is  “POLISHED”  acoustical panels. This process creates a GLASS-like finish on the panel. We do advise with this finish to order the exact size of the panel and do not cut it after manufacturing. 

The second option for an additional finish, are “EMBOSSED” acoustical panels. Two patterns are available, lines and squares. 

01 Black
02 Ash
03 Grey
04 Dark Grey
05 Thyme
06 Pewter
07 Periwinke
08 Cream
09 White
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02 Ash